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EMIG is the research based biopharmaceutical trade association that represents the interests of over 260 companies and organisations based in the UK. Our members range from start-ups, whose prime focus is often research and development (R&D), to highly developed businesses delivering essential products to patients and the NHS. They are commonly, but not exclusively, small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). 90% of EMIG Members choose to be represented only by EMIG. This means we now represent c. 50% of branded medicines, by volume, in the UK.

The UK life sciences industry provides vital medicines to patients, is at the forefront of medical innovation and is a significant contributor to the UK economy.  SMEs constitute approximately 90% of the total number of biopharmaceutical companies and it is estimated that 80% of innovation is derived from these small companies. EMIG member companies employ approximately 30,000 people in the UK and have a combinedannual turnover of £5bn.

Over 90% of member companies conduct R&D and 80% of the membership are SMEs, 10% are large pharmaceutical companies and 10% are biotechs. EMIG is a democratic organisation, with one vote for each full member company, irrespective of size. EMIG policy is ratified by the membership at our AGM and refined at our Quarterly Meetings. EMIG also has a range of Associate Member organisations including universities and patient groups.

EMIG provides its Members with effective representation on the issues critical to their success in the UK.

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