How We Work

EMIG Members range from start-ups, whose prime focus is often research and development (R&D), to highly developed businesses delivering essential products to patients and the NHS. This rich blend of companies enables EMIG to uniquely understand and address the myriad challenges facing healthcare innovation and commercialisation in the UK.

Recognising the increasing need for advancements in health technologies to be delivered through collaboration between diverse life science organisations, EMIG also includes universities, research institutions, technology transfer offices, learned societies and patient organisations in its Membership.  Importantly, this also includes reciprocal membership arrangements with other organisations whose primary focus is to support the growth of the SME life sciences sector in the UK, for example, South East Health Technologies Alliance (SEHTA).  Collectively, this is done to provide a platform for greater knowledge and ideas exchange between SMEs, academia and allied organisations – especially patient groups.

EMIG is a democratic organisation, with one vote for each full member company, irrespective of size.

EMIG policy is developed by Members in the numerous Special Interest Groups (SIGs), particularly the EMIG Market Access Group. All our SIGs meet quarterly in central London and any Member is entitled to join. The policies are reviewed by the EMIG Steering Group, ratified by the Membership and then reported on/refined at our Quarterly Meetings throughout the year.

EMIG enables pharmaceutical SMEs to have an influence on the policies critical to success in the UK.

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